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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Writing Report #4: Ahead of Schedule

 This writing report is for Friday (19/08/2016), Saturday (20/08/2016) and Sunday (21/08/2016).

I had been busy for the past 3 days. On Friday, I was out teaching tuition and on Saturday, I was out celebrating my friend's graduation. It was only today that I get to take a break and do my edits.

Despite coming home at only around 9pm on Friday, I was able to stay on schedule and edit 2 chapters of Pulau Purba. I was dead tired though by the end of it, and I avoided Voice-Editing for the last few paragraphs. Still, discipline pulled me through.

That's the life of a writer - At the end of the day, you work when others play, and all for what? For a story that people may not like, for a novel that may not sell. With me, the risks were elevated. It would be my debut novel, and the genre I write in, horror, isn't exactly the biggest market right now. The length of my novel worried me. Few writers could debut as authors with a 'doorstopper'. Why should I? All I have for fuel was the belief that some might find that length is not a barrier to a good story.

Anyway, before I mutter on in a grandfather story... On Saturday, I was back home, once again, quite late - I believe at around the same time as on Friday. I was out celebrating a friend's graduation, dining at a Sushi restaurant. I traveled all the way across the island for that. I was beat, and I completed only a single chapter's edit.

But Sunday was my free day, and I took advantage of it, and more. The best part was that it wasn't even straining. I edited on and off throughout the entire day, and felt less tired than on weekdays. I edited a whopping 4 chapters, making up for Saturday, completing on schedule, except I managed to squeeze in another chapter.

Okay, a promise to myself and you guys. I will tease no further and introduce my daughter, Pulau Purba, tomorrow.

Time to go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day.

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