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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Writing Report S2 #31 (Special Batam Report): Soldiering On

This Writing Report is for the dates from 7th January 2017 to the 15th January 2017, a total of nine days.

A little belated reporting here, but there is nothing much beyond routine here, as routine as living in another country can get.

I have been able to maintain a 2,000-words-a-day writing rate for this entire period. So 9 days X 2,000 words = 18,000 words. It is only in my next writing report that there's some under-performance, but for this period, the worse drop in performance I can give was a few hundred words short of 2,000, which would then be covered the next day - This, if I remember correctly, was actually quite common, happening on half the days probably, but I was able to maintain my favoured pacing.

I had completed my first Batam horror story within this period, and had moved on to a flash fiction about the fall of an ancient civilisation. A post-apocalyptic log obscured by a millennia-old language barrier, translation problems and huge cultural differences. I won't give away the 'catch' there.

Next, I moved on to an idea I've had for a very long time (since secondary school I believe) - a story set during the a run, in this case, an ultramarathon. Imagine running for your life, for 100 kilometres! Bet it'd have you hyperventilating! A more complete overview of my writing of this ultramarathon story will be covered in the next writing report.

One thing I'd like to add though is that I've developed a habit for writing in cafes and restaurants to the point where up to 50% of my writing are coming from public places. It helps that life is slow here in Batam, therefore there's few people in those places, especially when I'm doing it during office hours. It also helps that construction has been going on next door during work hours, so I feel like I'm being pushed (present tense here because it's still going on, and will go on for years, likely) to do this. It's not an entirely bad thing. I might even import this habit back to Singapore, if I can find a good place to do it.

Well, until next time!

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