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Monday, 3 October 2016

Writing Report #19: Post-Absolute Wreck

This belated writing report is last Wednesday to Sunday (28/09/2016 - 02/09/2016)

I have, as of late, eased myself into editing my novel the second time in a row (third time, counting redoing the first 13 chapters).

On Wednesday, I was able to work through 3 chapters, while on Thursday, two.

On Friday, despite the Absolute Wretchedness I suffered when I was unjustly banned from the Water Cooler, 2 chapters, but on Saturday, just one, because I was still a little overwhelmed, plus I was sourcing for a good cover artist.

I made up for it with 3 chapters on Sunday though. I am fast catching up with my proofreader. I'd even told her that I am fine with her not finishing by the 10th or 15th of October, and so she decided to slow down. It is from here that I will be able to see just how disciplined my proofreader is. As of now, I'm not seeing anything exceptional.

Progress in other areas is steaming ahead just fine. The cover's in the hands of a professional now. Although he won't be using any images custom-made for the book, the result got me excited.

It is simple, with only two separate images used, yet it brings across the message so well. A black skull with toy soldiers on top, below a greyish abstract vector map of Singapore. Horror, the setting and the theme could be deduced from all that alone, if the reader is perceptive enough.

Yet, it is far from done however, which is why I refused to show it. What I saw wasn't cleaned up, had watermarks all over it because the images weren't bought yet, the font used was placeholder, and the Singapore map wasn't final.

But it was encouraging. Could use as much of that as possible.

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