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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Writing Report S2 #24: Slow Climb

This Writing Report is for the dates ranging from 23rd of November to 27th of November (Wednesday to Sunday).

I've been making a slow climb back to my previous rate of writing and editing. Last week, I was either writing or editing, not both, and I haven't hit the 1000 words/day (writing) or 2 chapters/day (editing) standard I've set for myself yet, but I've got a feeling that this week is going to be different.

The excitement at my workplace has died down, and my physical exertions are going to be minimal as next week would be the army channel (heh). I've just written about 700 words in office today as I waited for my duties to surface.

I will probably edit one chapter today, which would mean exceeding the minimum I've set for myself. Editing-wise though, I will never exceed a chapter a day. Let's just say my editor's a little busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas. She'd be engaging in a different craft than editing. A nativity play (heh).

Anyway, let's hope this is the start of my return to my writing norm.

But I know I'll do more than that soon, because I've got news. I'll soon be relieved of my job, it's only a matter of when. Either end of next month or the month after that, depending on a crucial decision I must make.

Once I've been freed from wage slavery (at least momentarily), I'll be going for a second writer's trip, which will probably last for a month. It will be for my second book, a collection of short stories (and flash fiction, and poetry, yes, right, maybe). I predict that I will be able to finish much of the book in that span of time, given that I managed 1000 words a day with some bonus once in a while in my last 2-months-long writing trip.

Now that I'm seasoned with a 'lighter' project to work on, I think I can manage 1500 - 2000 a day. Even if I managed only the former, it would mean 45,000 words. Adding to the stuff I'd already completed and will finish in December, that'd pretty much add up to a completed draft 1. I'm aiming for 100,000 words this time, and this is what I've accomplished thus far:

Sesame Seeds: 7000 words about why you shouldn't sleep in an ant-infested house.

Window's Shadow: 800 words all dripping with children's blood.

Agoraphobe (Working Title): 6000 words filled with circuitry and implants. Projected to reach 7000 words.

University FYP (Forgot the Title): 13000 words on why you should treat your girlfriend or boyfriend well. Knowing myself, it could be edited towards something like 15000 words, but we won't count that.

Total: 27800 words.

If I write at 1000 words a day from tomorrow onwards (1 week will be expended on military service), it will give me about 26000 words.

Grand Total: 53800 words.

With Writing Trip Lower Estimate: 98800 words.

In other words, just a little nudge, and I'll reach my target.

The future seems to look a little brighter (heh).

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