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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Writing Report S3 #5: Rewinding / News

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted much, but these days have been hectic. My tutoring business has boomed once more, and I'm getting used to the fact that there'll never be a day when I get to just stay at home and laze/sit/play games/watch Netflix/write. Anyway, it's not a big deal, as I'm still far from working myself to death like those 'modern heroes' in China.

There's a lot of progress made, though there were a couple of days when I was just burnt out:

On 21 April 2018 (Saturday), I wrote something like 300 words.

Then on the 22nd and 23rd April, I basically stopped. Too tired from work, I suppose.

On 24 April 2018 (Tuesday), I wrote 600 words.

On 25 April 2018 (Wednesday, yesterday), I wrote 650 words.

So far, I am able to bring the hero and his friend forward into the muck, finally combating the electronic zombies that has been plaguing them. They're still trying to get out of the expressway of death, but they're close... Hope nothing happens to them, heh :-)


In other news, I have finally something to release after something like half a year of dead silence. However, it's a tricky one as it can't be committed to Kindle Unlimited yet, so I'm unsure of how to proceed. I've thought of doing a pre-order for it, with some lucky folks receiving an ARC copy in exchange of an honest review, but then again, this is one of those when I'm not even expecting a 20% recoup of the initial capital - it will just be a way for me to continue on the road to actual profits.

I see red all the time and I'm tired of it. Red gets scary, I know.

Anyway, this is what I will be releasing very soon, probably within next month (May):

Yep, it's that interquel of The Keeper of Pulau Purba I talked about ages ago, and after a stint in an anthology, with good results, it's now going to strike out on its own, having attended the university equivalent of books.

Can't wait to see the reviews, because I think it's at least a little better than my debut novel.

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