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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Writing Report Season 3 #2: Progress

Hi guys, it's your resident monster maker again. This writing report is going to be for yesterday and the day before.

I think I've made some good progress on the speed of my writing. On 10 April (the day before), I wrote about 600 words. Yesterday, I wrote something like 750. I think 750 is a good rate to maintain for now, but I'm hoping to eventually hit 1,000 again.

Anyway, my auditor protagonist has finally found himself a car, a Mercedes-Benz no less - hey, if you're gonna brave the dangers of a recently post-apocalyptic world, you might as well do it in style and luxury, right?

Other than that, he's learnt some truths from his soldier acquaintance.

It's all good fun, can't wait to continue again. I'm not sure how long the novel would be though. I think it could end by 90,000 words? That would mean I'm almost half-way there. It's conceived as a different take on the zombie horror genre, so it's not exactly the most 'profound' thing I can write, and thus doesn't need so many words to cover, so...

Anyway, I'll catch you guys again! Gotta get back to writing. Wouldn't want to lose progress again, right?

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