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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Writing Report #10: Another Boost

This writing report is for last Friday (2/9/2016), Saturday (3/9/2016) and Sunday (4/9/2016).

On Friday and Saturday, I was fast running out of steam. I taught tuition on both days, and it just so happens that I had to work a half day on Saturday. The only way I was able to cope is by doing some of my editing jobs at the office.

Things were so hectic that I've lost track of how far I've gone.

Sunday restored my morale, so to speak. I did 4 chapters that day, making up for the one or two chapters I'm behind at the end of the working week and Saturday.

I've reached the halfway mark. 30 chapters done. Well, not counting the edits I did for the 14 chapters at the front that Nimble Writer decided to spit out. That means another 30 chapters to go. On average, I can finish that up in 15 days.

The only problem is the 14 chapters I need to re-edit. It wouldn't be easy, and part of the problem is mental/emotional. I've lost a lot in them. Psychologically, I believe I can never get the same words back, and I'd have to fight it for 14 damn chapters.

In any case, I've got a good thing going from this Saturday (10/9/2016) onward. I'm free on Saturday and Sunday. Hari Raya Haji on Monday means no work, and I've applied leave successfully from Tuesday to Saturday. Yeah, I'll give myself until the Saturday after (17/9/2016) before I ship my manuscript off to a proofreader.

So, the plan is to do 2 chapters a day from 5/9/2016 to 9/9/2016, which will strike out 10 chapters if everything goes well.

If I can keep up with 4 chapters a day from 10/9/2016 onward, I'll be done with the epilogue chapter by the 14/9/2016. At this speed, the first 14 chapters will be done within 4 days... 18/9/2016... Unless I speed things up a little.

It's tight, but it might just work.

Makes me wish I'm a professional, full-time writer. See, that's the advantage they have over us. With all their time dedicated to writing, they can afford to write/edit more with better quality because they aren't so held down by a day job. I can't say they don't deserve it though.

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