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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Writing Report #12: Getting Warmer..!

This writing report is for Wednesday (7/9/2016) and Thursday (8/9/2016).

Wednesday was another slow day. I believe I was only able to work on something like half a chapter. But I made up for it on Thursday. 2.5 Chapters. So now I'm on Chapter 38 of 60 (61, if counting 'Chapter 0', which is my way of saying prologue).

What really concerned me, however, is that I'm starting to do most of my work in the office. That shouldn't be how it should be. Granted, I have too much free time on my hands compared to the average office worker, but it's just unbecoming of a writer. The office is not the ideal environment. I had to get used to being bombarded by a thousand distractions. I don't know for sure if it has resulted in a poorer quality of work so far. I don't like to take chances with my novel.

As a writer, it is my responsibility to safeguard my work no matter what, and my life is rapidly becoming centred around writing and writing alone. Everything that happened, happens for the sake of my writing.

Furthermore, what's going to happen to me if my workload suddenly spikes for a long time? It means another round of adaptation and adjustment once more, which usually results in productivity lost.

Maybe my long leave from work next week will set things right again. The main reason why I'm shuttling work into my office hours is because I can't handle being a night owl anymore. I just kept falling asleep, what with my day job, my exercise regime and need to keep my creativity sharp (i.e: Entertainment, play games and read books).

Still, my progress is not something I regret. I have 22 more chapters to go. Today will be the last day I edit a mere 2 chapters. From tomorrow until the Sunday the week after, I will be working on 4 chapters a day, if not more. That means reaching the epilogue by next Wednesday (14/9/2016), and hopefully redoing my lost edits by Saturday the week after.

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