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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Writing Report #15: Post Authorial Edit

This writing report is for Friday (16/09/2016), Saturday (17/09/2016) and Sunday (18/09/2016).

I have entered another sub-stage in the self-publishing of my novel.

On Saturday, I have completed the edit for the final epilogue chapter. I had decided on Friday to take it slow, as I had made my schedule more efficient by overlapping the re-edits of my first 14 chapters and my proofreader's edits.

By the numbers, I did chapters 57 to 59 on Friday, 3 chapters in all, and chapter 60 on Saturday. On Saturday, I went straight off to do 2 chapters right at the beginning and 2 more on Sunday.

As it is right now, the most important thing to do for the book is to handle the logistics of producing the final version of the e-book for self-publication in Amazon. Unfortunately, that would prove to be a challenge as I am unaccustomed to such work. It will be my first time. Hopefully, the first of many endeavours.

Progress from here on out will be slow. I guess if you don't pay with money, you pay with time. It may not be a bad thing, as professionals aren't always guaranteed to deliver, even when they're paid. They're still people, after all. The most recent example would be the professional artist I selected for the book cover.

Let's just say he delivered two failed book cover concepts in one month, and it's due to him not reading my brief!

27 Days to the launch of my e-book!

(At least that's according to the schedule)

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