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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Writing Report #18: Real Life Strikes Again

This writing report is for Monday and Tuesday (26/09/16 - 27/09/16).

The past 2 days hasn't been as productive, this time due to real life bleeding right through into my writing space-time (cool term, huh?).

On Monday, I was only able to edit a chapter and a half, and even then, I did one chapter with difficulty and all during office hours in between tasks - I was really being put through the meatgrinder that day. I had no choice, as I had to teach tuition. The other half was done at home, and it wasn't even one chapter as I just couldn't endure it anymore.

On Tuesday, I finished that up, and did another chapter - Again, with difficulty. While I had no tuition to teach after work, I had to exercise, and it wasn't just for my own good. The country demands it. Part of my conscription liabilities. One chapter was all it took for me to burn out way before midnight.

All that being said, I'm one chapter behind schedule if I'm following my old schedule. If. IF.

But no, according to the new schedule, I would be 5 chapters off. Five!

Part of this is due to the surprising difficulty of applying my proofreader's edits. I would have to decide if she was right. Moreover, she's more than a proofreader sometimes - I'm glad for it, but that means additional work per chapter. Then of course, add in all the hardware and software limitations on both sides, and we're even more inefficient.

If editing 4 chapters a day is impossible, I would have to tweak my plans once more. At 2 chapters a day, only half the book gets Abby's edits before publication - Provided that I don't overtake her at our current editing speed.

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