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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Writing Report #11: Argh!

This writing report is for Monday (5/9/2016) and Tuesday (6/9/2016).

I'm way behind schedule. Basically, I completed a chapter and a half of editing on Monday, and on Tuesday, I was too busy dealing with my book cover matters. Basically, my chosen cover artist hasn't reported in, so I was forced to assume that he lost interest. I went into Fiverr to look for another, and I was spoilt for choice.

I hadn't settled on an artist yet, and by the time I got to my editing, I was dead tired. I fell asleep after completing Monday's quota. In other words, I'd practically done nothing to my novel for Tuesday.

Cue my original book cover artist coming back to tell me he'd had personal matters to attend to, and so couldn't reply to my email... So all my talent scouting efforts went to waste. I'd broken a lot of hearts, I bet. Shit.

Well, at least he brightened my day with a concept sketch of what he had in mind. It's completely opposite of what I want went it comes to the angle and perspective, but nice try. I'm gonna talk to him about whether I can show it off to you guys on this blog.

Anyway, I guess I'll have to do what I can today. Will probably need to squirrel more working hours into my book. I don't recommend doing such a thing though. Only reason I allow myself to do other work in the office is because I'm simply not occupied all the time.

I really need to find my way back to Nirvana. It feels like as though I'm experiencing a 'dark age' all this while, for the entire year, in fact. *Le Sigh*

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