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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Writing Report #13: On Schedule

This writing report is for the dates from last Friday (9/9/2016) to Wednesday (14/9/2016)

Holy shit, am I way behind in my writing reports! But basically, I have some good news: I've been largely on schedule since my leave started yesterday - well, technically last Saturday. I have all but 8 chapters to the end remaining, which will take 2 days to complete, and that first 14 chapters in the beginning that I lost.

My discipline had ceased to be a limiting factor ever since I pledged, on the first post of this blog, to turn things around in my writing. Now, the only things stopping me from getting published are matters of professional editing, cover art and formatting.

I have been wrestling with those issues right from the beginning - These are arguably the toughest parts of self-publishing, as all I do is write. There's the question of whether I should spend money on them. Right now, I have decided to let members of my extended family have a go at helping me out, but their professionalism is questionable - Considering that we are family, it is not a wonder that they'd put that aside.

What is perhaps even more questionable is their experience. While the cover artist has done plenty of work before, she has never done a book cover. While my editor (mostly a proofreader) is a graduate, she's a graduate in ENGINEERING - Only thing I know about her that could help is that she's very academically-inclined, so her English should be up to par, and she reads a lot.

These are dark and murky times indeed...

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