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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Writing Report #14: Final Authorial Edit Completion Imminent!

This writing report is for Thursday (15/09/2016)

Plans have changed, so I have allowed myself to relax a little. Basically, the original schedule was to pack everything off to a professional editor for proofreading the moment I was done with my own final edits - That would mean going back to the first 15 or so chapters and redoing the edits I have lost when Nimble Writer decided to kick me in the groin.

The revised schedule is to just ship it off to my editor, sans my personal changes in the beginning. I will complete my personal edits along with implementing the recommendations made by the editor. It won't be that hard, I believe. It's barely multi-tasking. I will be making changes all the same to the manuscript.

So now, I just have 2 chapters right at the end of my would-be novel to edit. It's essentially the epilogue now.

I can't wait to write more stories.

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