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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Writing Report #16: The End is Nigh!

This Writing Report is for Monday (19/09/2016), Tuesday (20/09/2016) and Wednesday (21/09/2016).

Things are progressing well. There has been no delays, and I haven't been falling short of the schedule at all. I really hate making up for being behind schedule. I would rather set my hair on fire.

Anyway, that means 6 chapters at the beginning done in terms of final authorial edits. Today, Thursday, will see me going through chapter 10, and for safety's sake, I will edit up to chapter 15, and then it's all up to my proofreader now.

Speaking of my proofreader, she just decided to increase her pace too, to meet my target of going through the entire novel in a month. The actual speed, though, is less than what she's targeting. I guess I'll just have to publish with only half her edits and put everything else in only after the book's out. Being an unknown has its merits.

She has reported enjoying the book so far, and is anticipating what's happening next. At least, that's what's been reported to me. The fear I have in roping in family is that they just won't be edgy and honest enough, even if my cousin's living in another country and we don't see each other often at all. Good enough, I suppose.

The book cover is coming together slowly. The initial sketch was done, and the line work on Photoshop was done and over with. It looks like a comic book panel now, with some shadow around the edges thrown in.

Again, I have my doubts though. With my input, the creature's legs, which are the only parts showing, is weird and disfigured enough, but is it scary enough? I'm not sure. I'm under the impression that it's actually slightly, just slightly, better than what I've depicted in the scene the cover is based on, but will it draw a potential reader in? I guess I'll have to look at it when it's completed.

I'll see if I can get the sketch up on the blog for you guys.

Regardless of whether people are willing to pay for my novel or not, I'll be a happy man. To have a novel in public would be the start of a new era for me! Hah, grand terms... Sorry, old habit.

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